Software Engineer – 3D Graphics

Software Engineer – 3D Graphics Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Software Engineer – 3D Graphics to join our team.


  • Developing 3D rendering pipeline, including managing system resources and performance;
  • Designing and implementing interactive 3D elements of the user interface;
  • Engage with team member and other stakeholders;
  • Contribute to internal and external documentation such as design documents and user manuals;
  • Implementing 3D graphics components of the analytics software;
  • Delivering high quality, high performance and well documented code;
  • Implement automated testing and develop manual testing procedures as appropriate;
  • Translating engineering data into structures suitable for 3D rendering.


  • 3+ years of software development experience with C++ and OpenGL shaders;
  • Self motivated with a strong desire to ensure good outcomes for stakeholders;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Experience in designing and developing user interfaces in a 3D context;
  • Qualifications (Bachelor+) in software engineering, computer science or related field;
  • Strong problem solving, mathematics and spatial reasoning skills;
  • LiDAR mapping and/or SLAM;
  • UE4, Unity or other game graphics engine;
  • Work on both Windows and Linux;
  • Surveying or GIS tools and software development;
  • CAD software development;
  • Video or image processing;
  • Point clouds and 3D data analysis software.