Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full Stack Developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join our team.


  • Be the main link between the European development team and the office here in Melbourne;
  • lead engineering design, and implementation to deliver new innovations and solutions for our customers;
  • Ensure that coding standards are followed and maintained (including code reviews);
  • increase the quality of our code, and enhance development pipelines;
  • Maintaining existing codebase and creating new front and back end modules, components, and services;
  • engineering ownership of product modules, components, and services;
  • Develop and maintain codebases for big-name clients in line with agreed deadlines;
  • Become the subject matter expert for the platforms developed;
  • Become the “go-to” for technical and development queries;
  • remain current with market developments and recommend new technologies;
  • work with developers, designers, QA, and product managers to improve end to end product development process.


  • Experience working in an Agile team;
  • Experience mentoring junior team members;
  • The confidence and verbal skills to present solutions and ideas to clients;
  • Work closely with designers and offer informed critiques of their work. Be able to take healthy criticism from them in return;
  • Experienced with Vue.js, but React / Angular experience accepted;
  • experience working in an AWS environment;
  • Take a pragmatic approach to solving client problems. Find novel solutions which best fit the project constraints;
  • demonstrated ability for clear and frequent communication with local and remote teams;
  • Github or Git;
  • Offer a strong opinion on how you think problems should be solved;
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and AJAX;
  • The ability to translate technical concepts into a form that can be understood by non-developers (both internal team and clients);
  • Working at a startup;
  • can quickly and effectively handle bugs and or customer support;
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.