3rd Engineer

3rd Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a 3rd Engineer to join our team.


  • Be aware and able to complete the correct forms and follow the correct procedures to allow hot work during his watch;
  • Understand the correct use of MSDS sheets;
  • Be able during his watch to monitor and adjust when required the Chilled water temperature;
  • Primarily run a safe and efficient engine room watch;
  • Perform an efficient and accurate handover at the end of his watch period;
  • Completed and filed the company engine room Familiarization form;
  • Perform stock inventory checks for his equipment and make requisitions for needed spares which can be presented to the Chief engineer for ordering;
  • Be able to operate the yachts Jacuzzi and swimming pool equipment which is also under his charge;
  • Perform an efficient and accurate watch handover at the end of his duty period;
  • Keep good open communications with the deck officer on watch;
  • Report defects and problems in the engine room to the Second and Chief engineer in a timely fashion;
  • Performs and manages other duties as assigned;
  • Take instructions from the Second Engineer for the efficient operation of the Engine room in the Chief Engineers absence;
  • Understand all the yachts systems and be able to operate all the equipment effectively and efficiently in the engine room;
  • Be able to take over the fourth Engineer role should it become operationally necessary.


  • STCW 4th Part Basic Training;
  • STCW Crisis Management & Human Behavior;
  • Certificate of Competency suitable to the rank and yacht;
  • Must have good communication skills in English and also the ability to relate to guests and employees at all levels and all departments.