Pharmacist in charge

Pharmacist in charge Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Pharmacist in charge to join our team.


  • Advising on dispensary and OTC products;
  • Building and maintain relationships with customers;
  • Suggesting therapeutic products to aid the health and well being of customers;
  • PPI’s, Medschecks, S2/S3 solution selling;
  • Implement and follow QCPP policy and procedure to the highest standard;
  • Oversee DAA service and patient care including conducting regular MedsChecks and Clinical Interventions;
  • Assist in dispensary operations, including timely acceptance of prescriptions and counselling of patients;
  • Promote and execute health services to the highest professional standard;
  • Build and maintain relationships with local health professionals;
  • Counsel customers on their medical conditions and medications, both prescription and OTC, with the most up to date, evidence based information.


  • Highly proficient in Minfos dispense;
  • Interest in growing professional services;
  • Current APHRA Registration;
  • Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency;
  • Ability to grow scripts on file;
  • Experience overseeing packing;
  • Strong understanding of 6CPA initiatives;
  • Flu vaccination accredited;
  • Flexible to work across 7 days;
  • Strong forward counselling skills;
  • Team player;
  • Strong problem solving skills;
  • Leadership skills and ability to delegate;
  • Exceptional customer service.