Effects Supervisor

Effects Supervisor Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Effects Supervisor to join our team.


  • Regularly interacts with the Producer and Director to understand the desired look as it relates to effects for the production;
  • Responsible for guiding the overall effects and simulations on schedule and budget;
  • Deliver final shots to production and ensure final technical check is complete;
  • Works with the Talent Management and Production to bid, schedule, and cast shotwork;
  • Coaches and guides the team of Effects artists to execute quality performance for the project;
  • Provide constructive creative oversight and feedback to the Effects Artists;
  • Designs and creates complicated FX animation, procedural simulation, dynamic simulation, particle and fluid systems;
  • Set a standard for all Technical Directors by continually improving the speed, quality of our work and adaptability;
  • Develops new techniques quickly, and debug complicated problems;
  • Attend all relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team.


  • Results-driven;
  • Always curious and seeks new learning opportunities;
  • Linux and scripting ability in Python;
  • Excellent pipeline scripting ability;
  • Exhibits excellent listening and communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal);
  • Proficiency with Linux, Unix,
  • Extra artistic interests are welcome (photography, video, painting or sculpting and any creative activity);
  • Produced effects smoke, fire, explosions, water, clouds, steam, particle;
  • Demonstrable experience of mentoring and developing artists;
  • Demonstrates superb problem-solving skills and takes the initiative to offer ideas and suggestions;
  • Plans well and Manages Priorities;
  • Solid compositing ability;
  • Can develop small scale, show specific tools for non-FX TDs and other FX TDs;
  • Thinks Analytically and innovatively;
  • Demonstrates an excellent aesthetic eye, anticipating potential problems and using knowledge of how to use the tools to achieve the desired look.