CG Supervisor

CG Supervisor Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a CG Supervisor to join our team.


  • Responsible for show-specific forecasting of license, machine, render and storage needs throughout show schedule;
  • Partners with appropriate studio reps across ILM global locations to provide show projections for larger, studio-wide assessments and reports;
  • Owns show approach plan and partners with key supervisors across all ILM global locations for specifics on show planning, delivery, etc;
  • Partners with CG Technology Supervisors and R&D, PE and IT supervisors on canonical issues and priorities related to show needs.


  • Demonstrates ability to work with competency, energy and enthusiasm within a team environment with minimal supervision;
  • Strong working knowledge of Linux, Python and shell scripting required;
  • Demonstrates superb problem-solving skills and takes the initiative to offer ideas and suggestions;
  • Look dev and/or shader writing a plus, layout and matchmove a plus;
  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritize tasks managing time very well, providing everyone with accurate time estimates on shot task completion;
  • Demonstrates the ability to engage in the creative process without ego, and accepts all final decisions with a positive and supportive attitude;
  • Conversant in many of the ILM methodologies;
  • Sets a standard for all Technical Directors in continually raising the bar of for speed, quality of work and adaptability;
  • Demonstrates the ability to help and teach more junior level artists and lead others on huge shots or small sequences;
  • Technical Skills: Familiar with Maya, Katana, Zeno and Nuke;
  • Strong awareness of deadlines.