Robotics Engineer – SLAM

Robotics Engineer – SLAM Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Robotics Engineer – SLAM to join our team.


  • Develop knowledge of both the software and hardware elements of the product that incorporates the SLAM algorithm;
  • Engage with internal and external users and support their use of the SLAM software;
  • Analyse and investigate opportunities to optimise and enhance SLAM algorithms on Hovermap data;
  • Write and maintain user documentation including user manuals and best practice guidelines;
  • Leverage access to a wide range of data to extend the use of SLAM software in novel and challenging environments;
  • Maintain a knowledge base of discovered issues and their resolution;
  • Research and implement innovative algorithms for auto-tuning or extending the SLAM software;
  • Investigate data quality issues and liaise with domain experts to identify faults and propose solutions;
  • Process data, evaluate quality, generate data products for external and internal users;
  • Track and report on major issues and customers needs and expectations.


  • Self motivated with a strong desire to ensure good outcomes for stakeholders;
  • Software development with Python and C++
  • Exceptional problem solving, mathematics and spatial reasoning skills;
  • Qualifications (Bachelor+) in software, robotics, mathematics or related field;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Experience in supporting technical products including software;
  • Exposure to Robotics and/or electronics;
  • Experience with surveying or GIS tools and software;
  • Experience with Lidar mapping and SLAM will be very highly regarded;
  • Experience with point clouds and 3D data analysis software.

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What jobs are similar to Robotics Engineer – SLAM?