Lighting Technical Director

Lighting Technical Director Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Lighting Technical Director to join our team.


  • Responsible for compiling the various elements of a shot and seeing it through to completion;
  • Develop solutions and techniques that meet art/technical direction;
  • Light, material assign and render for actors using CG hair and scattering skin materials;
  • Able to navigate and use previous setups for at least a dozen shots, insertion of shot specialization, managing multiple assets and lighting setups;
  • Creates images, effects and programs for digitally composited sequences;
  • Management of volumetric light setups, including shadowing and cucoloris development;
  • Designs and implements direct and reflected lighting and shadows for assigned shots that meet art and tone direction.


  • Linux and scripting ability in Python;
  • C++ skills also applicable;
  • Advanced simulation experience with either Houdini, Maya, XSI, 3DS Max or other software, and ability to write expressions or authoring of shaders;
  • Experience in MEL.

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